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The Dayton Roosters like to ride in as many different places as possible. This helps to add a wide variety of riding conditions and also alleviates boredom. We are always looking for new places to ride, so if you know of any, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wayne National Forest (OH):
Riding Area: Forest Trail System
Web Site: click here for direct link !
Highlights: Hundreds of miles of trails !
Summary: Whether you want to go riding for a day, or you want to make a weekend out of it, Wayne National Forest is the place for you. It boasts some excellent trail systems that is tailored for all riding levels. Quads and dirtbikes are both allowed. The systems are well marked and maps are available. Definitely some of the best woods riding the Roosters have ever done !

68 MX Track (OH):
Riding Area: Motocross Track
Web Site: Currently Unavailable
Highlights: Excellent private track !
Summary: This is a private track. It is one of the Rooster's favorites and we visit it as often as possible. It boasts natural terrain changes as well as some well-built jumps. It is great for beginners and pro's alike. We are very happy to be able to ride this facility, as it has definately improved all of our skill levels.

Highland Lakes MX Park (OH):
Riding Area: Motocross Track
Web Site:
Highlights: True outdoor motocross track
Summary: This is the best true outdoor motocross track in the area, period. It is designed to be enjoyed for all skill levels, so you can feel comfortable organizing a group ride for anyone. This track even has its own race schedule. Overal, the facility has gorgeous views, camping, an arcade, some great owners, and gets the highest marks from the Roosters. Check it out !

New Vienna Motosports (OH):
Riding Area: Motocross Tracks & Woods
Web Site:
Highlights: Motocross tracks and Woods
Summary: There are 5 different tracks at this location. Everything from a kids track to a very difficult supercross style track. However, the tracks could use some attention. Also, the owner does not water them much so be ready for a dust bowl. Not a bad place if you want to kill a few hours.

Dayton Dirt Riders Club(OH):
Riding Area: 35 Acres
Web Site: No web site
Highlights: Highly technical woods
Summary: This is the home riding facitily for the DDR group. It is located in Moraine Ohio and offers some great woods riding. It is a good place if you just want kill a few hours and not make an entire weekend out of the trip.

Haspin Acres (OH):
Riding Area: 750 Acres
Web Site:
Highlights: Woods, MX tracks, and more
Summary: Haspin Acres is a blast for a weekend trip. They have some excellent woods riding for all skill levels. They also have 2 motocross tracks and a dirt dragstrip. They offer primitive camping included for your daily ride fee and have some basic facilities on site.

Big Rock ATV Park (OH):
Riding Area: 2000 Acres
Web Site:
Highlights: Woods for dirtbikes and quads only
Summary: This place is huge ! They do not allow anything besides dirtbikes and ATV's so you do not have to worry about getting run off the road by a Jeep or sandrail. They have primitive camping and more riding then you could do in a week. Definately a great way to spend a weekend !

Bartow Motocross (FL):
Riding Area: Motocross Track
Web Site:
Highlights: All sand track
Summary: The track is about a mile long and is loads of fun for beginners to pro's. Most of the jumps are tables so it is safe to roll everything and just enjoy yourself. This place is not overly busy so you can have a nice enjoyable time with you and your buddies.

Sunshine Motocross (FL):
Riding Area: Motocross Track Acres
Web Site:
Highlights: Tight all sand track
Summary: The owner of this facility is VERY nice. We found that the track was in good shape, the facilities were in perfect order, and the night practice/racing was awesome. The entire group really had a good time at this track. Overall, we give it 4 out of 5 stars only because it is a little on the small size. It is an excellent track for novices to pro's. This track will definitely be on our list for future trips to Florida.

Hard Rock Motocross (FL):
Riding Area: 6 MX tracks & 3 woods loops
Web Site:
Highlights: Awesome tracks & woods !
Summary: This place is 100 acres of dirtbiking fun. They boast 6 full motocross tracks including sand, hardpack, and everything in between. A highlight was the "roller coaster" which had 3 story drop-offs and climbs twisting through toms beautiful woods terrain. The owners were very nice and we all had a blast. The price is reasonable and they have camping, etc... There is a track for everyone ! This place is HIGHLY recommended by the roosters !

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